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Friday, November 03, 2006

Unfinished Business

General APB: someone is missing!

Many weeks ago, I received a charming, heartfelt letter from a young Quad City area girl named Alexis Sutton. She asked me questions about myself, requested a picture, and said her father, Sgt. Sutton, had been on a tour of duty in Iraq.

Waiting for Alexis on my desk are a picture, answers to her questions and a thank-you note for making my day.

The trouble is: I do not know where to find her. If she sent an address, it has gone missing in the mountains of paper that cross a campaign desk.

Can anyone help me locate her? Alexis, THANK YOU!


And one more postscript: a heartfelt word of gratitude to the kind couple who lent me a small black folding umbrella the misty night of the Praise Festival with "Casting Crowns" in Davenport.

It has since been pressed into service several more times as the only umbrella in the campaign car when we found ourselves walking door-to-door in the pouring rain.

But I was never able to find these two Good Samaritans the night of the Festival to return their umbrella! Get in touch with us at Campaign Headquarters at the old Leclaire Hotel in Moline, and I'll gladly return your umbrella to you with many thanks...AZ


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