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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Local Retired Marine Colonel Supports Zinga

Zinga best choice for veterans
Thursday, November 2, 2006

Veterans of the 17th Congressional District have lost a friend in Congress. When we vote as veterans we must select the most logical and best person to serve our interests in Washington. We need a person of integrity and commitment to support funding and legislation that will assist our nation's active duty military personnel and our nation's veterans. That person is Andrea Zinga.
Andrea Zinga is focusing her campaign on "people before politics." She is the candidate who has promised to seek a seat on the Veterans Affairs committee. Andrea Zinga acknowledges that veterans' issues should be nonpartisan. Andrea Zinga understands that freedom is not free; her father and three uncles served during World War II. Andrea Zinga is the candidate who understands the historical mandate of a grateful nation: "to care for him who shall have borne the battle and his widow and his orphan."

The Veterans Administration will give attention to any inquiry received from a member of congress about a veteran. While we should assume and expect that a veteran would not get a decision to which they are not entitled due to political intervention, when a member of Congress inquires about the support, assistance and adjudicative decisions to be entered concerning a veteran, it would appear the agency works more diligently to provide assistance which the law demands. We can expect Andrea Zinga to cater to veterans, to support appropriate funding of the VA, to hold VA accountable in providing health and financial benefits to veterans, and to better serve veterans by broadening outreach to America's defenders and their dependants.

Since retiring as a circuit judge I have spent countless hours representing veterans in their pursuit of benefits from the Veterans Administration. Before writing this letter I have personally received assurances from Andrea Zinga. She has promised to keep veterans' assistance high on her list of priorities, we will have an open door to discuss veteran-friendly legislation and veterans will receive individual assistance and attention when requested.

Regardless of your past political affiliation, I strongly urge you to vote for Andrea Zinga on Nov. 7. Thank you. - Clarke Barnes, Colonel, USMC, retired, Geneseo


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