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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Flight Attendant Supports with Letter to the Editor

This letter appeared in the Saturday Sept 29th edition of the Dispatch newspaper.
Obviously, many of those who are calling Andrea Zinga a racist do not fly for a living! I have been a union flight attendant for over 17 years and I was flying on September 11, 2001, and lost many of my colleagues.
I watch everyday. Terrorist are very patient people. Our national security is the most important thing. We live in a free country and as a woman I have the right to vote. Those who support these terrorist groups do not look kindly to women rights. Andrea Zinga is a strong woman who will keep us safe.
Remember we are blessed to have many of these freedoms. Our armed forces cannot protect us in the air. We need to be vigilant and give the Transportation Safety Administration the tools to do its job. TSA should second screen anyone who has visited a country that aids and abets known terrorists. Passports should be looked at just like all the other countries I traveled to. This is commonplace everywhere but in the United States. We all should have passports in order to travel and they should be viewed. Is this discrimination? Safety should be our No. 1 priority. In my job it is! Andrea will protect the Quad-Cities Citizens. Our district has not been represented well for many years.
Remember we have a military base and arsenal right here in our own backyard. Please read and become more knowledgeable about all our candidates. Second screening should not be viewed as racism. I look at behavior and that does not have a color!

Janice Drain,


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