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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


This past Sunday's edition of the Quad City Times carried an article profiling the primary campaign for 17th District Congress.

In that article, Jim Mowen said: "Let's face it--women are basically created to give birth."

I have heard from women with five or more children, and from women who have never had a child. The reaction to that statement is intense.

My own take: I suppose I know what he thought he meant; but in this case, words speak louder about this man's view of the world than actions ever could.


Blogger Jim Sonneville said...

Anyone who knows Jim Mowen knows that is not what was said or even close to how the man thinks!

Why is it that you are trying to advance your campaign on what the media misprints or mis-states about someone else. I have yet to hear anything from you on what you will do for our district in Congress! I voted for you in the last election, but I won't vote for someone who fuels their campaign on pointing out negatives involving someone else. Thank Goodness we have someone else to vote for this primary!

5:55 PM  
Blogger Zinga for Congress said...


Thanks for your feedback. First off Jim has not denied that he said this. He has stated it was "taken out of context" on Jim Fisher's radio show. So your view on the media is not entirely correct by Jim's ommision.

I am not fueling my campaign on negatives. I am responding to what a candidate has said. That's what campaigning is all about.

Secondly, this entire website is dedicated to talking about what I will do once in Congress. Feel free to review my issues page.

Thirdly, since it dosen't seem that you have reviewed my website before posting your comment. It is obvious that you were a Mowen supporter before you read my post. So your comments seem to be a bit on the slanted side from the get go. Nonethe less I appreciate your williningness to be involved and look foward to your support after the primary.


1:13 AM  

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