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Monday, March 20, 2006

Peoria Journal Star Endorsement

The Peoria Journal Star has released their endorsement.........

Zinga... is a more knowledgeable, viable candidate after traveling the district for two years. Infrastructure upgrades and investments in agriculture, especially ethanol, represent the path to more jobs, she says. On energy, the former broadcast journalist favors more oil refineries. On health care, she'd cap malpractice awards and tout tax-exempt savings accounts.

Andrea Zinga's ... maturity, moderation and independence from party group-think set her apart. She is preferred.

Though I stand by my statement that grassroots wins elections, my opposition in the primary has claimed that he has recieved ALL the major endorsements that are handed out in this race. This one is pretty major and affects two major counties in the 17th. Knox and Fulton have heavy readership of the Peoria Journal Star and will be influenced by this endorsement. That does not have us changing our plans to pursue votes until 7pm March 21st.


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