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Friday, March 10, 2006

More Endorsements

To continue on the subject of endorsements, another recent endorsement I value highly comes from Joyce Morrison, a major contributor to the former Illinois Leader who continues to be a well-known columnist (eg the on-line "News Views") and radio commentator whose thoughts reach from the southern part of the 17th District around the nation and the world! ( Courtesy the Internet...Joyce says she recently heard from a man in Australia sharing the same problems with property issues she wrote about here.)

Joyce is intelligent, articulate, detailed and extremely well-informed about property rights and the Mississippi River; but she writes on many subjects with authority.

Here are her comments in making her endorsement:

My choice for the 17th Congressional District will be Andrea Zinga. I feel she will represent the ENTIRE district on ALL issues to the best of her ability. Mowen has been quoted as stating that he would not come to the smaller voting areas - and we have not seen him. Zinga has driven the 4 hours to attend Lincoln Day Dinners in counties where she only represents a few voters. She was promised a spot on the (House) Agricultural Committee the last time she ran. Illinois desperately needs her on this committee as Cong. Tim Johnson, who serves on the agricultural committee, votes for the environmentalists and not for property rights and agriculture. Andrea is pro-life and is for marriage between one man and one woman. She is knowledgeable about property rights - and very open to discuss any issues I have discussed with her. Her journalism background has prepared her to rely on documentation for her answers. I worked for her the last election and will support her again this year.

Thank you, Joyce.

Some time ago we traveled to Chicago to seek the endorsements of the Mexican American Political Action Committee and of the Italian American Political Coalition. This was a fascinating day, and everyone from gubernatorial candidates to those in local races was there making the case for endorsement. We recently learned that my candidacy has been endorsed by both these coalitions. The 17th District is home to large Hispanic-American populations, largely to the north; while several counties in the south of the District were settled by and continue to be home to Italian-American populations--especially Macoupin and Montgomery.

I never cease to be awed by the way in which so many diverse streams of culture and background have flowed together here in the United States to make us as strong a nation as we are!

While in Chicago I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Jeff Berkowitz, a well-known political interviewer in the Chicago area. Just before the camera went on, he told me he is a lawyer "in his day job," and has "done hundreds of depositions."

Watch for some more especially vital endorsements coming up.....


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